Thurz Drops Newest, More On Thurzday, On, November 3rd

With today, November 3rd being U.S. Election Day. Westcoast emcee, Thurz. Decided to kick off the month of November and continue his current weekly series, More Thurz On Thurzday. By releasing it on this Tuesday and important day in U.S. history rather than on his usual Thursday slot.

Appropriately titled, November 3rd. The very soulfully thumping Emani-produced track. Sees Thurz rapping about the importance of voting and his disdain for the current administration. Even speaking rather than rapping at the end of the track. That disdain and how it effects him, us and so many others. Especially of Black decent with the way White supremacy and so many others in power, like the current administration openly abuse that power too. A very poignant track that all should listen to and help everyone see why it’s so important to use your right to use your voice and vote.