H.E.R. Gives Effortlessly Intimate Performance For Late Night Debut Of, Damage, On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ever since releasing her new single, Damage, exactly a week ago today. Grammy Awards-winning singer and songwriter, as well as guitarist, H.E.R. Has been promoting the new record heavily.

Giving a rousing debut performance on Saturday Night Live. This past Saturday. For what was also H.E.R.’s first ever performance and appearance on the popular world-renowned sketch comedy show. She also gave her first ever performance and premiere of her other new single, Hold On. For the show as well.

Looking to keep the recent momentum of what has already been a pretty stellar 2020 and first year of the new decade for herself. H.E.R. appeared in a Ladies First all-female R&B edition of the very popular cyphers. For yesterday’s first airing of this years, 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

As if that wasn’t enough. H.E.R. also made her late night talk show debut performance of, Damage, last night. On ABC’s very popular Jimmy Kimmel Live! Which she is no stranger too. This already the third or fourth time H.E.R. has performed on Kimmel over the past several years. Which is why it should be no surprise that decked in an elegant all-white jumpsuit with matching white gym shoes and backed by her band. H.E.R. give a very intimate and effortlessly amazing performance of the very melodic single.