H.E.R. Debuts Very Beautifully Moving New Single, Hold On, For Mesmerizingly Beautiful Debut SNL Performance

2020 has already been quite the year for Grammy Awards-winning singer and songwriter, as well as guitarist, H.E.R. Who won her first GRAMMYs back in January. As well as released several amazing new singles and been featured on some standout singles from the like of Jhené Aiko, WizKid and most recently Toni Braxton.

If you thought this first year of the new decade was a pretty memorable one for H.E.R. Then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to this past week. Which is easily almost just as big as the singers whole year. Seeing H.E.R. release her very beautiful new video and single, Damage, on Wednesday. Then being featured in the video for Braxton’s very amazing latest single, Gotta Move On. That was released on Friday. Before H.E.R. made her debut performance on the world famous, Saturday Night Live. Just last night.

Marking her first ever appearance on SNL. H.E.R. dressed in the same beautifully stylish black outfit and her signature glasses. That she wore in the video for, Damage. Slowly stepped to the mic before backed by her band. She gave a rousing performance of the very melodic record.

H.E.R. would later come out again. This time in a purple top and yellow pants with purple lipstick to match. As well as a pair of her own exclusive DIFF eyewear glasses and her guitar in tow. To give a very mesmerizing and moving performance of her very moving and beautiful new single, Hold On. The guitar playing with H.E.R.’s singing giving me and I’m sure many others straight chills. With how amazing it was and almost made you feel like you were watching Prince reincarnated. With how H.E.R. so effortlessly gave such a mesmerizingly beautiful and moving performance.