KXNG CROOKED Drops New Video, Holy Cloth, Releases New EP, Flag

KXNG CROOKED is easily one of the best emcees of all-time. Yet still somehow one of the most underrated as well. One thing you can’t deny about the Long Beach native and C.O.B. rep though is his consistency to put out new material. That makes him easily one of the hardest working not only emcees, but artists period regardless of genre.

That being put to display today. As the LBC rep released today his newest EP, Flag. As well as the new Eric “Ptah” Herbert-directed video for the intro track to the project, Holy Cloth. Which sees Crook rapping his stellar bars/lyrics in front of an abandoned warehouse building. Such as, “The higher you climp up the ladder. Now here the snakes come. Rappers sell a million songs. From hanging with pedophiles. Take baby blood in adrenochrome to stay young. They gon’ hate me in Holly-weird. Let my gun ring on your chest you getting body pierced. I’m in the heart of the city the part that’s highly feared. 20 gold chains on my neck Haile Selassie beard. Diamonds in the face set the Rollie off. Bitches would ignore me. Ironic ’cause now they blow me off.” That’s easily one of the best verses of the year and shows why he’s arguably if not the greatest of all-time. Definitely near the very top for the greatest emcees of all-time.

If that wasn’t enough. Nearly an hour before releasing the video for Holy Cloth. Crook and his brothers, Horseshoe Gang, as their supergroup, Family Bvsiness. Released their newest video/single, Liquor Store Church.