H.E.R. Reveals How Her Love Could Do, Damage, In Beautiful New Video For New Single

Rising Grammy Awards-winning singer and songwriter, as well as guitarist, H.E.R. Has had quite the 2020 and first year of the new decade. From winning her first ever Grammys back in January to releasing five new singles and even being featured on standout singles from Jhené Aiko with B.S., as well as WizKid with Smile. Not to mention starting her very popular, Girls with Guitars, series on her Instagram Live.

It appears H.E.R. is looking to expand even more on her stellar year. Today releasing through Vevo, her latest new video and single, Damage. That once again proves why H.E.R. is among our favorite artists right now. Every time you think she can’t outdo her last work. She continues to prove how much better of a singer and songwriter, as well as just artist she continues to become. Just getting better with each new release.

With her latest release, H.E.R. croons a very beautiful melody and falsetto about how her love, “Could do damage.” Beautifully sampling Herb Alpert & Janet Jackson’s classic 1987 hit, Making Love In The Rain. H.E.R. decked in a beautifully stylish black outfit and her signature glasses, as well as a beautiful red lip. In the beautiful new visual. Finds the very beautifully talented singer and her band in a studio with a floral arrangement. As H.E.R. brings the lyrics about a complicated relationship truly to life. For the very smooth and amazingly chill new Cardiak-produced record. With H.E.R.’s one of a kind style, lyrics, voice and rhythm, being brought to life and revealed the most it ever has. From the visuals to the actual record. This is the single one record and visual. That has most lived up to H.E.R.’s actual acronym of, having everything revealed. In her short, but already amazing career.