Thurz Smoothly Let’s Us Know, Who Da Man, On Smooth Newest, More Thurz On Thurzday

We have reached yet another Thursday. So you know that means more new heat from Westcoast emcee, Thurz. Who smooths things out and let’s us know, who the man. For his newest edition of his current weekly series, More Thurz On Thurzday. Appropriately titled, Who Da Man.

The very smooth new D.K. the Punisher-produced track finds Thurz over the thumping drums backdrop. Rapping about how he is, “the man.” While also showing why he’s one of the illest emcees not only in L.A. and the Westcoast, but period right now.

With lyrics like, “I took the silver linen. Traded it for Gold. Now the boy is on a roll. Vehicle, cruise control. In that rearview, old sh*t. Future is foretold. How I wrote it. I suppose I’ma Author. Got it poppin’ while you playin’ wit yo nose. Hopefully you find something. I stumbled on numba 4. Like I did it all for Kob. Went from cold dinners to winners. And now I’m heated like the stove.” Proving so.