Jorja Smith Is Ready To, Come Over, In Stunning New Anime-Inspired Video, For New Single feat. Popcaan

Jorja Smith shows why she’s easily one of the best artists in all of music right now. With the debut of her very catchy island-infused new single, Come Over featuring Dancehall legend, Popcaan. That shows the singers more playful, flirty and fun side. That she had shied away from with her more jazzy and socially aware most recent singles, Kiss Me In The Morning and By Any Means.

Smith’s new single showing the singers versatility and how she can really show off her remarkably unique voice. The very flirty, fun and playful lyrics finding the singer serenading her company, “to come over.” With Popcaan happily obliging to. The collaboration between Smith and Popcaan. Very similar to the vibes of her very stellar and also playfully flirtatious collaboration with Burna Boy, Be Honest. That she released last year.

The very stunning anime-inspired Amber Grace Johnson-directed accompanying video. That she premiered through Vevo. A true piece of art with how it shows Jorja contemplating coming over. While also giving reference to such anime classics as, Akira and showing Superwoman like inspiration in the kickass storyline and context of the visual. That comes together quite nicely to really bring the record even more to life in a way not many could. Whoever the animator was did a really brilliant job. That makes you not only love the song and Jorja even more. But now want a whole actual kickass anime series from it too.