Jessie Reyez Is Running From, Sugar At Night, In Debut Of Eerily Powerful & Cinematic New Video, SUGAR AT NIGHT

Very talented Grammy Award-nominated singer songwriter, Jessie Reyez. Is having easily one of the best years with this first year of the new decade. Finally dropping her very critically-acclaimed and long-awaited debut album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US. Earlier in the year. As well as racking up several awards nominations and recognitions. Reyez has not let quarantine stop her from constantly dropping music videos, performances and other content from the album.

Continuing to keep that momentum. Last Friday Reyez dropped the very powerfully stunning and beautiful video for one of not only her best records to date. But even among the most beautifully deep and honestly real, tear-jerking songs you will ever hear. NO ONE’S IN THE ROOM. If that wasn’t enough, Reyez is already back today with the premiere through Vevo just a few short hours ago of her eerily powerful and cinematic new Peter Huang-directed video for, SUGAR AT NIGHT.

The very amazing and eerily cinematic twist-turning and powerful concept of the new video. Finding Jessie running away from that imperfect, “Sugar at Night.”  Love. That so many of us want and seek, but know isn’t good for us.  That fvcks up your sleep and life.  To take away your smile and beauty.  That shows, it isn’t just a bad relationship you’re in.  That takes it away, but you.  Yourself can also be that, “Sugar at Night.”  To either someone else or even yourself. 

So while you maybe running away from what you think is a toxic and unrecognizably, scarring bad relationship. Don’t forget you can make someone else feel that way as well.  That eerie twist-turning ending showing the powerfully eerily stunning ways someone else could interrupt something compared to yourself. Which is why Jessie Reyez’s videos and songs are almost always the type of art that gives you goosebumps and chills. Virtually every time you hear a song or see a video from her. That’s also among the many reasons, Jessie is among mine and so many others favorite artists now or for the past several years too.