Jessie Reyez Premieres Powerfully Stunning & Beautifully Ethereal New Video, NO ONE’S IN THE ROOM

Jessie Reyez, is easily one of the best and most true to the core of the art, artists there’s out right now. Who is one of a select few who constantly puts the ART in artist. Whether it be her actual music, videos, live performances or even the artwork for her singles and projects. Jessie always hits every honest emotion of love, pain and heartbreak. Both good and bad. Through her always powerful and soulfully passionate, yet beautifully heartfelt angelic vocals and lyrics. That Jessie always pours all her heartfelt emotions and heart-wrenching pain through. Which still comes out so beautifully deep and powerful. That it gives you goosebumps, almost every time you hear Jessie’s very distinct voice and how so many of us can really resonate with and relate to her lyrics.

Such is the case yet again with Jessie’s very powerfully stunning and ethereal new Emma Higgins-directed video for, NO ONE’S IN THE ROOM. Which she premiered just a few short hours ago through Vevo. For one of her most standout, painfully deep and honest records so far of her career. That maybe even among the most beautifully deep and honestly real, tear-jerking songs you will ever hear. The very beautifully powerful and stunning accompanying new visual seeing Reyez attend a church service. As she sings the very painfully deep, yet beautiful lyrics about trying to please and convey to what everyone else in life wants for you to confirm to or be. For what is among the most beautifully stunning and powerfully ethereal videos you will ever see.

The great meaning and symbolism throughout the visual. That even midway through the clip, shows Reyez recreating John Everett Millais’ world-famous painting, Ophelia. Showing what a truly great piece of art, both the song and video are. That truly brings the record to life like no other. While showing even more what a one of a kind artist that Reyez is. Who gives you goosebumps and chills virtually every time you hear a song or see a video from her. That’s also among the many reasons, Jessie is among mine and so many others favorite artists now or for the past several years too.