Big Sean Debuts Trippy New Video, Lithuania feat. Travis Scott, Releases Anticipated New Album, Detroit 2

With Big Sean releasing his anticipated new album, Detroit 2, today. He also decides to release and debut earlier today through Vevo. His new Mike Carson-directed video for, Lithuania featuring Travis Scott.

A very trippy new visual for the Hit-Boy-produced standout from the album. It finds Sean and Scott going through a hotel in a tripped out daze. Starting with both in a lobby full of luggage. Before Scott goes walking down a trippy hallway and a garden. While Sean goes into an elevator. That becomes fast moving. After some fine Lithuania women keep appearing. That keep putting both, Sean and Scott, in voodoo doll like trippy magic. Throughout the whole visual.

Overall, it’s not really that great of a visual. As the ending has a cameo from Hit-Boy, but is just pure tripped out crazy. That makes you think if there was any point to the video. Other than to make you feel like you’re tripped out, dazed and confused yourself too. After watching such a trippy and crazy visual.