Dinner Party Release Self-Titled Debut EP, Beautifully Powerful & Soulfully Intergalactic Animated New Video, Sleepless Nights ft. Phoelix

It was a little over two weeks ago that four of the top musicians, producers and artists in all of music. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington and 9th Wonder, announced they were joining forces like four superheroes to form one of the greatest alliances in music. With their new group, Dinner Party. Aimed to bring more positive and feel-good vibes at a time we all truly need it. They dropped their very beautifully feel-good lead single, Freeze Tag. That also featured the very soulful vocals of Chicago based poducer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, Phoelix. With plans to drop their debut self-titled debut EP on July 10th. They came through on that promise. Releasing the brand new EP today and in conjunction with the release of the project. Also premiering/debuting today the very feel-good, beautifully heartfelt and timely new next single, Sleepless Nights. That also features Phoelix. Debuting along with it, the just as beautifully powerful and soulfully intergalactic animated new accompanying video. That’s a true work of art and it’s concept really resonating with the message of the record to truly bring the record even more to life. For what’s easily one of the best videos to drop so far this year.

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