Family Bvsiness Brings Lyrical Murder On New Eminem-Produced Single, Skip This Ad

Family Bvsiness, the Hip-Hop supergroup comprised of actual blood brothers and C.O.B. reps, KXNG CROOKED and Horseshoe Gang. Returns today with their very highly-anticipated Eminem-produced single, Skip This Ad.

That sees the five brothers bringing nothing but straight lyrical murder over the very dope production from Em. With such standout bars as, “I’m from another planet, I came here in a space ship. I’m a savior, here to save the generation. My rapping cadence is captivating, call it trap music. (Ay, you can’t escape it.) All I need is a Eminem beat, my pen and my sheet. My n^**a that’s the minute I beast. And everyone in the vicinity can get it, even if they innocent cause I be killin’ indiscriminately. Y’all claim to be ready, you not. I’m gunnin’ for whoever on top.” From Julius. While Crook continues to prove why he’s not only the best emcee and lyricists alive, but arguably one of the top two or three emcees ever. With such standout bars as, “Come for top when your chick pray for d*ck play. Hump her chops like a Sensie on a Wednesday. Give it magic, a Johnson, that’s MJ. Hit her box in her Jordan’s, that’s MJ. Moonwalkin in the pussy, that’s MJ. She in love with a renegade, that’s Em Jay.”