Robin Thicke Releases Romantically Smooth & Beautifully Soulful New Single, Forever Mine

In these uncertain and crazy insane times most of us are living in here in the world today. Where so many of are being quarantined and need more love. R&B/Soul superstar, Robin Thicke, provides just that with his soulfully smooth and romantic, heart-warming new single, Forever Mine.

Where Thicke over the beautifully soothing and jazzy, piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, muted trumpet, and drums. Sets the very loving and romantic tone for the very soothingly soulful ballad. In which Thicke so beautifully serenades his lady with his very soothingly beautiful smooth vocals and beautifully written romantic lyrics. The singer reminding the world that it’s important to take a moment and appreciate their loved ones. “Right now people are more stressed than ever,” Thicke says. “We need patience, we need hope and we need love.”

His very beautifully romantic ballad provides just that. Yet another record from Thicke. That’s sure to be played at many a weddings and/or a real baby making record for plenty of couples and/or lovers.