Snoop Dogg Declares What We All Want In New Video/Single, I Wanna Go Outside

With many of us still stuck in the house in isolation. Due to the current pandemic the whole world is facing and some states even starting to slowly open up. Snoop Dogg debuts his new Dah Dah-directed video for his new Soopafly-produced single, I Wanna Go Outside. That we can all very much relate to about wanting to go outside to just go to a show and/or concert. Just any type of outside activity we took for granted before. In the new visual, Uncle Snoop is shown in the Dogghouse playing Madden, chillin’ on the couch watching TV, hooping on his indoor court where he has a bunch of framed photos of the late great Kobe Bryant and smoking in the booth, as he lays down this record in his in-home studio. Also filled with clips from pre-Corona, Snoop seems antsy to get outside like most of us and eventually does to get a breath of fresh air. To play with his pit bull and then go down the street for a socially distance ride on his tricked out bicycle.

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