Joyce Wrice Brightens Things With Debut Of Lovely Smooth & Beautiful New Quarantine Style Video, That’s On You

Nearly a week and a half ago, one of my favorite rising singer and songwriters to emerge about three years ago, Joyce Wrice. Released her very beautifully smooth Austin D. Brown-produced new single, That’s On You. Which once again shows off her very beautifully smooth and angelic vocals. For yet another very beautifully smooth and amazing record we all need to brighten and bring light in a time we all truly need it. Already becoming one of my favorite records since than in a time I truly need it. Wrice debuted just a few short hours ago, the very lovely smooth and beautifully brightening new Yavez Anthonio-directed video for the record. Shot quarantine style in the beautifully talented Los Angeles singers home, with naturally brighten sun and lighting, the truly brightening and feel-good new visual really brings to life her very beautifully smooth and amazing angelic vocals on this truly beautifully smooth and lovely amazing record. As well as the angelic lovely and pure natural beauty of Wrice, who shows the mark of a true artist that truly puts the art in artist. Making myself and most others love even more, a record that was already such a beautifully smooth record we thought we couldn’t like even more. That makes you truly appreciate such talent, art and beauty even more.