EARTHGANG Debut Trippy & Psychedelic Out Of This World New Video, Avenue

EARTHGANG is back and as weird, amazing, trippy and as artfully beautiful on their brand new Strangeloop Studios-directed video for, Avenue.  Which they debuted earlier today through Vevo.  It comes just a week and a half after they dropped their very colorful, trippy and psychedelic out of this world video for, LaLa Challenge, which was also directed by Strangeloop.

Avenue is the second in a series of animated clips from the Dreamville Records duo.  That follows the theme and inspiration of the classic 1978 film, The Wiz, their album, Mirrorland, did.  As it sees Olu and WowGr8 dive further into the out of this world psychedelic fantasy world.

That sees them trailed by flying monkeys, coming across a river and being warped into outer space and then right into that crazy new world. Where they transport goods in a spacey hovercraft on the waters caused by disastering typhoons that have swept the city.  You can watch all the craziness unfold below in the very trippy and psychedelic out of this world clip.