2nd Generation WU Bring Classic Wu Sound To New Generation, With Remix ft. Method Man

When it comes to being the offspring of somebody famous and you’re trying to get into the same field they were some of the true pioneers of.  It isn’t always easy to make your own mark without the approval and/or co-sign of them or others thinking you’re just getting a hand out.

Such is the case with 2nd Generation WU.  Which as you probably may have guessed continues the legacy of the legendary and iconic Wu-Tang Clan.  A group comprised of the sons of Wu members, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, the late great Ol’Dirty Bastard and U-God; with PXWER, Sun God, Young Dirty Bastard and iNTeLL.

The group made their debut last November with their lyrically sharp C.R.E.A.M.-inspired debut single, 7.0.D.  Before releasing a video for the single the following month and then eventually releasing their second ever single, New Generation back in February at the beginning of this new year and decade.  The latter finding Sun God and Young Dirty Bastard fallback.  As iNTeLL and PXWER over a dark and eerie production laid out by YODI, bring their own razor-sharp hard hitting lyrics.  Such as, “I never lied but you bet I’m guessing my aim is true.  Boy it’s Baby Blue like no oxygen when I flame the booth.  Sideburns, Wolverine.  But I got my Sabretooth.  In the grayish coupe, I got more than one like a Wayans spoof.  Finally shot a gun, such PXWER I got to aim & shoot.”  That prove they capabilities to be around for generations more of Wu and Hip-Hop heads to decipher and follow to building their own possibly legendary legacy as well.

If that wasn’t enough though, they also recently got the approval of PXWER’s very own famous and iconic father, Method Man.  Who brought even more top-notch recognition for the track by adding his own killer verse to the just released new remix of it.  The first ever collaboration between the father and son too.  Which an official video was shot for and will be released in the next few weeks too.  Also coming with the news that 2nd Generation WU has also teamed with the legendary and iconic Tommy Boy Entertainment, who will handle distribution along with Dock Street Records for this and all future releases.  So though we maybe all going through such crazy times around the entire world, know that there will still be plenty of great Hip-Hop music like this.  Which can help us get through things a little more sane and somewhat normal.