EARTHGANG Share Trippy & Psychedelic New Video, LaLa Challenge

Atlanta duo, EARTHGANG, is easily one of the most uniquely weird, odd and creative, as well as insanely dope groups or duos to emerge over the past several years, in not only Hip-Hop.  But really all of music.

Their trippy, yet colorful and beautiful sound oozing throughout all of their timeless cinematic masterpiece major label debut album, Mirrorland. Especially most on standout opening track, LaLa Challenge.  Which with its very colorful, dangerous and trippy, yet beautifully unique sound to go with its just as trippy out of this world lyrics make it not only one of the best intros you will ever hear on an album, but among the best songs you may ever hear.

So it’s only right that EARTHGANG delivers a very colorful, trippy and psychedelic out of this world new Strangeloop Studios-directed video for the track.  Which is an out of this world animated clip that takes place in a mothership of sorts, seeing the Dreamville Records duo navigating through a world that looks to be in utter chaos.  That’s in some ways almost a reflection of all the craziness going on in the world right now.  Premiered a couple of days ago during their FADER Digital Fort set, it’s the first in a series of planned animated clips too.