Mikhala Jené Drops Very Hopeful & Beautiful New Single, In A Place Like That

Great young rising singer and songwriter, Mikhala Jené, is back with a very hopeful and beautiful new single, In A Place Like That.  A very beautiful new record produced by her longtime collaborator, Deputy, that finds the singer showing off her very amazing melodies to go with her just as beautiful vocals.  As over the very beautiful mostly piano-laden production she sings about the hope and beauty of longing for a distant lover to not leave and doing everything for them to stay.

With such lyrics as, “You so overtake me.  So overwhelming.  But I’m so thankful of what I welcome.  You are a feeling I can’t express yet.  And unexpected.  Longing fulfilled.  If you had to go I’d risk everything.  Just to keep you with me.”  The hope and beauty of such a love hitting home even more for so many of us right now across the world.  As so many of us are on lock down, quarantined or in shelter-in-place orders here in not only Illinois, and so many places in the United States, but across many parts of the world.  And maybe longing for that type of love that we can’t fully see in person and/or interact with in the normal ways we are used to.

The beauty and talent of such talented artists with songs like this from the likes of Jené, or even at-home performances from the likes of H.E.R., Alicia Key, Tori Kelly, and John Legend.  Just among the few, who with their music has given us hope and entertainment to take our minds off all the craziness going on across the world right now.