Joyner Lucas Debuts Creative New Video/Single, Will

With just a couple of days till his highly-anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album, ADHD, finally drops this Friday, March 27th.  Joyner Lucas debuts his newest video/single, Will.  Once again with Ben Proulx co-directing the new video, Lucas pays homage to Will Smith by dressing up as various roles from Smith’s movies and TV shows, ranging from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Bad Boys, Men in Black, Wild Wild West, iRobot, The Pursuit of Happyness, and, I Am Legend.  Among several others.

I was already really anticipating the album a lot like several others.  But after seeing how creative and genius this new visual and single, and with that ending too is.  I’m definitely anticipating the album even more now.  This further proving that not to many better great storytelling emcees in the game right now than Joyner and the fact that he’s still able to make it such a banger with the storytelling mixed in.  While not cursing, which I’m guessing is an homage to Will.  Makes it that much doper too.

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