Joyner Lucas Hits The Lotto In Video, For New Banger

With Joyner Lucas highly-anticipated sophomore album, ADHD, finally set for a March 27th release date as of a few weeks ago.  The Massachusetts emcee premieres yet another new single and video from the album with his new Mally Mall & ISM Beats-produced banger, Lotto.  The new visual, which is once again co-directed by Ben Proulx and Lucas, himself, finding Joyner turning up in a variety of places ranging from outside an ice cream truck handing out bricks, to being centered in an apartment in which a vandalism act is taking place.

There’s even shoplifting at a grocery store going down and a mami twerking outside by the ice cream truck, as a violinist plays and Lucas raps the very catchy chorus partially in Spanish of, “I say, Uno, dos, cuatros.  Moreno, gringo, hembra, Vato.  Gangsters, hustlers, killers follow.  I’m the realest n***a, I know (Brrra, brra-brra, ooh).  I just hit the fuckin’ lotto, oh (Ooh, ooh).  I just hit the fuckin’ lotto (Bah).”  It isn’t his best track, but it is definitely another banger that’s very catchy and with the fun visual to go with it, will definitely bring a lot more new fans.  Especially teens and pre-teens, who will eat this up.  And I wouldn’t be surprised to see make up some type of video or challenge to as well.