Eto & $ha Hef Are, Lawless, On New V Don-Produced Single

Exactly a month after dropping his The Alchemist-produced, The Pot.  Which also stands as the lead single from his highly-anticipated next solo album, The Beauty of It.  Rochester, New York native, Eto is back at it with the followup single, Lawless.

Another very grimey and raw track that with the just as raw grimey and dark gritty street tales and truly cinematic vivid storytelling, shows when it comes to that raw authentic street Hip-Hop.  There’s not to many other emcees, if even any killing it the way the upstate New York emcee is right now and been doing for the past several years.  The very raw grimey and dark gritty sample-heavy cinematic backed V Don-produced backdrop with the $ha Hef feature, the perfect complement to what you can argue maybe the top Hip-Hop track to drop so far this year.

The undefeated pairing of Eto and V Don together also showing once again that when it comes to the combination of the two together, they’re not to many, if even any, better emcee and producer combos than them today.  The more fire they continue to consistently put out together, one can even argue that they’re starting to even get in that all-time convo.

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