Eminem Wows Crowd With Surprise Performance Of, Lose Yourself, At The Oscars

In one of the most surprising, yet amazing moments of Sunday night’s Oscars, Eminem, did what has become a very Eminem thing to do in this latter part of his career.  When he came out for a surprise performance of his Oscars-award winning #1 hit, Lose Yourself.

With an introduction montage from Lin-Manuel Miranda of iconic moments in Hollywood, where hit songs had a huge impact and made movies better over the years.  The video package appeared to be rounding up with a bit of Eminem’s Hot 100 No. 1 hit from his classic film, 8 Mile.  Before Marshall Mathers himself appeared from the bottom of the Dolby Theater stage to center stage with an orchestra for a very surprise performance of his 2002 smash.

Performing the song at the 92nd Academy Awards 17 years after becoming the first Hip-Hop artist and rapper to win the award for Best Original Song in 2003 at the 75th Annual Academy Awards.  Eminem’s performance was by far not only one of the best moments of the whole night, but also one of the most surprising that wowed and left many in the very star-studded crowd stunned for how impromptu it was.

So much so, that many from Gal Gadot to Anthony Ramos and Zazie Beetz, either appeared to really enjoy and rap, as well as sing along.  While a few others such as Billie Eilish, Martin Scorsese and Idina Menzel, appeared either completely shocked and wowed or just disinterested.  By the end of the performance, everyone was standing though and showed the staying power of Eminem with his first ever performance at the Academy Awards.  He didn’t appear to accept the award when he won back in 2003.  Even still nearly two decades after he won and made history.