Royce Da 5’9″ Shows He Doesn’t Age, Is Lyrically Sharp As Ever On New Single, I Don’t Age

When it comes to some of the dopest emcees and lyricists alive right now there’s not really to many touching former Slaughterhouse groupmates, KXNG CROOKED and Royce Da 5’9″.  Only getting better with time and Royce proves it yet again on his very lyrically sharp and appropriately titled new single, I Don’t Age.  A very soulfully hard-hitting classical mesh of piano-laden and harp backed self-production on the new track from the Detroit emcee that really lets him show why he truly doesn’t age.  Such standout bars as, “I was a writer way before fame.  All y’all dudes is cyber, I come from the bottom right by the soul where the rose came.  I’m too private to try to expose lames.  And I’m to private to be riding with those things.  I’m too Shady to be neutral, these artists try to divide us.  If I go Kendrick Lamar, the world gonna’ watch the Control change.  I’m way too vicious to ask for my respect.  I’m way too Michelin for the dissing.  Man, listen.  Even minding my business, I deal with entire sets.  Always on time to collect, like the IRS.”  Further proving why you can put up a pretty good argument for him along with Crook being the dopest emcee and lyricists alive at the moment.

Off Royce’s highly-anticipated and fully self-produced new solo album, The Allegory, which arrives in less than a month on Feb. 21st.  Which was already one of my most anticipated albums of the year, but is even more anticipated after hearing how dope this, as well as his previous singles from the album have already been.