HARRIETT (Damani Nkosi & iLL Camille) Are Alive, In Beautifully Vibrant New Video ft. Thandi Ntuli

After dropping what was easily one of the best albums of the year period across all music and not just Hip-Hop back in October of last year with their self-titled debut album, HARRIETT.  Los Angeles emcees, lyricists and poets, Damani Nkosi and iLL Camille, who are two of the dopest and most conscious emcees not only on the Westcoast, but period right now, return to the album today.

As earlier today they premiered the very beautifully vibrant DAMCAM-directed video for one of the albums most standout tracks.  With the very upbeat, lively and vibrant Emile Martinez & Bridget Perez-produced backdrop providing the perfect production for Damani and Camille to spit some of their most honest and personal lyrics to date.  While South African singer Thandi Ntuli provides a raw and powerful hook to complement the raw aesthetic of the track.

The very vibrant and beautiful free-flowing spirit of the visuals, just like the very beautiful free-flowing spirit of the rhymes, storytelling and vocals.  While both emcees and Ntuli show off all their homage and respect to Harriet Tubman and the African culture they originated from that makes them feel alive as ever.  Really creating a very beautifully vibrant and alive vision that truly brings the already vibrant and lively record even more to life.