V Don Debuts Grimey & Cinematically Dark New Single, Black Mass ft. Eto

Harlem producer V Don has been among the best upcoming producers for the past several years.  Working with everyone from The Game, Eto, Dave East, Willie the Kid, Westside Gunn, The LOX and several others.

The Harlem producer has built a signature grimey and dark gritty cinematic sound that allows whoever is rapping on his beats to really vividly capture and paint what they’re rapping like a movie.  Making whoever raps on those beats sound the absolute best they can be and such is the case yet again with V Don’s very grimey and gritty cinematically dark new single, Black Mass.  Which has him once again teaming with frequent collaborator, Eto, who always paints the most vivid and cinematically real lyrics about street life that are brought to life like a movie and why Eto is easily one of the best spitters right now and has been for the past several years.  Aside from maybe DJ Muggs, Flee Lord and Superior, there hasn’t really been any other producer so far that really captures that truly cinematic vivid storytelling and lyrics of Eto as well as V Don’s instrumentals always do for him.

Eto put it best in a statement he told Complex about the new record and the chemistry the two frequent collaborators have.  “Don’s beats paint the picture for me!  I don’t know where to go until I hear it, but when I do, I know how to paint the picture.”

The title track from V Don’s upcoming project, Black Mass, which he entirely produced and is set for a Feb, 7th release.  It features everyone from Eto to Willie, Smoke DZA, 38 Spesh , Dark Lo and El Camino, to name just a few.

V Don knew he wanted Eto for the title track too.  Commenting the following to Complex in an e-mail, “Eto was the first person I thought of while cooking this beat up.  It was grimey, but still melodic, I sent it over to him and he painted a movie.”

You can listen to the very grimey and cinematic, yet melodic amazing new single below and look for a lot more from V Don leading up to the release of the project in a few weeks.