KXNG CROOKED Kickstarts 2020, New Decade, By Showing Luv To Supporters On Last Weekly, I Luv Y’all

After taking a few weeks off KXNG CROOKED finally delivers his final edition of, The Weeklys.  Kicking off 2020 and the new decade by showing his appreciation and love to his supporters and fans with the appropriately titled, I Luv Y’all.  Closing with the new Dizz-produced flip of the Westcoast classic Black Superman from Above the Law, which couldn’t have been a more fitting end.  Crook once again shows why he’s not only arguably the illest lyricists and emcee alive, but arguably the greatest of all-time to ever touch a mic.

Continuing to set such a high bar with such standout lyrics as, “Reverse the beat, I gave you a verse a week.  I asked for the smoke and low level jokers were first to speak.  Not even worth the beef in search of they worse defeat.  They was earning an associates in death, that’s murder in the first degree.  Shout out my homie Big Hutch, RIP KMG.  The Benz is AMG, the Monte Carlos is 83′.  Dippin through Crenshaw, I throw the west coast up at the Nip mural.  I’ve been Supersonic since Baby-D.”  Just further proving it.