Tinashe Debuts Sensually Dance-Centric & Artfully Sexy New Video, Stormy Weather

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Tinashe, has really gone into overdrive with promotion since releasing her third solo album, Songs for You, a little over a month ago.  Weathering the storm to really take her career to the next level, since becoming an independent artist, the singer has delivered amazing visual after amazing visual and really truly taking her art back that RCA Records was holding back from her when she was signed to the major label.

Tinashe earlier today premiering through Vevo, the very sensually dance-centric and sexy, yet artful new video for one of the albums most standout tracks, Stormy Weather.  That is already the fourth visual from the album and second within the past two and a half weeks.

One of Tinashe’s best visuals to date.  The new black-and-white clip finds the singer and her backup dancers in nude shapewear delivering sensually sexy, yet tastefully artful dance moves.  That shows Tinashe working up a sweat, while showing her very amazing flexibility, as she sings the simple, yet beautiful lyrics about weathering a storm and all the crazy feelings one goes through in a relationship with someone else.  The new visual really helping truly bring the record to life even more and will make most people like it even more than they already did.

A true piece of art the way Tinashe is able to so sensually and beautifully bring it to life with her very amazing choreographed dance moves.  That’s by far one of her best visuals to date and shows why from her amazing music, singing, visuals and dance moves, even down to her great live performances.  Tinashe is one of the best pure artists there’s period right now and truly knows how to put the ART in artist.  Her new-found freedom since becoming an independent artist really truly allowing her to do so like never before.