HARRIETT (Damani Nkosi & iLL Camille) Debut Cinematically Dope New Video, Alkaligned

Back in October two of the dopest and most conscious emcees not only on the Westcoast, but period right now, Damani Nkosi and iLL Camille joined forces to create the very amazingly talented and dope new group, HARRIETT.  Dropping their very consciously aware and thought-provoking self-titled debut album together on Oct. 28th.  The two kicked off the album with the very lyrically stellar and spiritually informative Jack Wolff-produced, Alkaligned.  While earlier today the two very talented Los Angeles natives returned to the album with the debut of their cinematically crisp and perfectly captured amazing new Lennox-directed video for the opening track.  Which finds Damani and Camille going back and forth over the boom-bap production, while performing their wise and informative bars about home and identity in a warehouse with several high-tech gadgets.  Also in front of an African flag in several scenes both inside the warehouse and outside it, as well as in a dinner.  Some of the dinner scenes including them speaking and dropping knowledge on the true meaning of some of their lyrics on the track or things a lot may not know.  The two very talented poets, emcees and lyricists are really trying to keep the great legacy of the late great Harriet Tubman alive through their music, visuals and ART, while trying to also educate those who may not know the full history.  This very cinematically crisp and brilliantly captured visual for Alkaligned, just the latest piece in them doing so.