Joyner Lucas Tussles With Societies Pharmaceutical Pressures To Deal With Mental Health, In New Revenge Intro/ADHD Video

Joyner Lucas takes his daily issues with ADHD and the pressures to fix everything through pharmaceutical/medicine head on in his very cinematic new video for, Revenge Intro/ADHD.  Which he premiered yesterday on Friday, the 13th and couldn’t have come at a better time with how crazy the new visual is.

The new clip that Lucas co-directed with Ben Proulx, he opens with a very cinematically jarring scene that shows him standing outside of a pharmaceutical facility with a bomb strapped to his chest and a SWAT team bearing down on him, as he spits his furious bars of, Revenge Intro.  The timer appearing to go off as Revenge Intro ends and the very crazy visual then finds Lucas waking up for the day, as ADHD, begins.

One of his best shot and captured videos to date, Lucas and Proulx, really use the magic of green screen, color and editing transitions quite well.  As Lucas shows throughout the many locations he goes from in his day-to-day life.  Whether it be going to school, the library, basketball court, eating breakfast or going grocery shopping.  He’s always marred and have to tussle with the societal pressures to try to slow down his ADHD/mental health issues with some type of pills and/or medication.  Can he do so or does he succumb to the pressure?  You have to watch to find out.