Snoh Aalegra Has A Love Like, Whoa, With Michael B. Jordan In Beautifully Intimate New Video

Almost exactly four months after releasing her critically-acclaimed latest solo album and still one of the best albums of the year, -Ugh, those feels again, back in August, very beautifully talented and amazing singer and songwriter, Snoh Aalegra, returns today with the latest new visual for the album.  Which comes on the heels of Aalegra being nominated for Artist and Album of the Year at Sweden’s prestigious Grammis Awards.  Which is their version of The GRAMMYS, which she was snubbed for here in the U.S.  Premiering earlier today the beautifully stunning and aesthically gorgeous new NO SCHOOL & Izabelle P. Wilson (I.P.W.) co-directed video for not only one of the albums most standout tracks, but one of the best records to be released in music this year or the past several years.

The aesthetically pleasing and stunning colors, textures and undeniable chemistry between Aalegra and her surprising co-star, Michael B. Jordan in the stunningly vintage like new visual, really bringing an already soulfully amazing and passionately loving record even more to life with how it truly complements the song as a true piece of art with how she and Jordan are so beautifully captured in the essence of falling in love and being in love.  The stunningly vintage like setting, colors and vibes of the visual truly bringing her head over heels in love she is lyrics truly to life, like no other that will have you saying, “Whoa!” by the time you finish watching it.  Making you feel like you’re on cloud nine yourself to have a truly passionate and amazing love like the one displayed between Aalegra and Jordan that they so passionately pour into one another throughout.  Snoh proving yet again with this very beautifully stunning new visual too why she’s mine and so many others favorite artist at the moment, as she delivers yet again one of the top visuals of not only this year, but the past several years.  Delivering arguably three of the top five music videos of the year with this, You and I Want You Around.  Snoh showing with her stunningly amazing visuals, songs, live performances and just ART period, there’s nobody, if even anybody really truly touching the type of soul and passionately effortless timeless art she continues to provide.  As she continues to be one of maybe only a select handful or two of artists there’s in this generation of music today that truly are delivering and putting the ART in artist.