Tinashe Is Ready To, Save Room For Us, In Fun & Playful New Video

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter Tinashe has really found a lot of inspiration from Japan for her latest album, Songs for You.  Which she released to mostly rave reviews nearly two and a half weeks ago for her third solo album and first independently released.

Premiering the second video from the album a day after the albums release on Nov. 21st for one of the albums most standout tracks and the third single, So Much Better, featuring G-Eazy, which she shot in Japan.  Tinashe didn’t waste much time in releasing a video for her next single and yet another standout from the album, which is easily one of the top two or three records, if not best on the album with the MAKJ-produced and featured, Save Room For Us.  Which she said to what should not be much surprise is the most streamed record from the album so far and why it makes perfect sense she premiered yesterday as the latest single and visual from the album.

The very fun and playful Stephen Garnett-directed video, which she also shot in Japan, finding Tinashe taking over the streets of Tokyo with her crew as she dances any and everywhere. Whether it be the actual streets or a train platform.  The very cute and playful singer makes sure she “saves room” for having plenty of fun in Japan, even doing a small twerk for the crowd watching on the sidewalk.  The very playful and fun vibe of the video really matches the very fun, playful and carefree vibe of the record which really helps bring alive and make an already fun and playful great record that much more better.  You can really tell how much fun Tinashe had making the video in what’s easily one of the most carefree and playful fun videos of her career.  That also shows how much happier she’s now bringing and creating the actual ART as an artist and having the freedom to do a lot more of what she wants creatively without bounds from a label holding her back from doing so.  While also showing what great chemistry both Tinashe and her longtime director collaborator, Garnett have together in creating such great works of art as visual masterpieces together.