KXNG CROOKED Delivers One Most Emotional Tracks On Newest Weekly, East Side Libations (ESLB)

With only three more weeks left after today’s newest edition of The Weeklys, KXNG CROOKED, delivers what’s not only one of the top weeklys, but one of his most emotional and best tracks to date with, East Side Libations (ESLB).  Which sees the Long Beach emcee really going in over the very dope Dizz-produced flip of fellow Westcoast legend and icons, Warren G & Nate Dogg’s forever timeless G-Funk classic, Regulate for Week #49.

Repping the East Side of LBC he grew up in, Crook questions God about all the homies he lost and why he had to fight so many demons.  Some that he’s even still fighting and giving one of his most emotional and real verses of his career.  Such as, “Why my people gotta die like this (Huh?).  See I’m a artist so I cry like this.  Wet pupils for the guys I missed (Word).  Ol’ English eight hunned, call it eight ball.  Pour out the whole damn bottle, it’s all for Nate Dogg.  I’m a black apostle call me Saint Paul.  I used to think God’s tears made the rain fall.  Man this stuff is no joke, fvck a last laugh!  First McGruff and Coke Loc, now it’s Bad Azz.  Mofvckers don’t know I let my gat blast.  If any sucker want smoke get your gas mask.”  As well as, “Raised dirt poor, I was brainwashed by Eazy-E.  Fighting demons inside they telling me to ride.  Show you what my homies mean to me.  Shoot and flee the scenery.  Then I’m talking to God I ask him for help.  That’s the realest homie he told to master myself.  He told me vengeance is his.  But I wanna blast ’em myself.  And send them bastards to hell.  But beef is bad for my health.  So I leave my past on the shelf.”  Just a few of the standout lines and verses that prove yet again why Crooked is not only easily the best lyricists and emcee alive, but arguably one of the best of all-time.