KXNG CROOKED Warns You To, Listen Boy, On Newest Weekly

As we reach another Black Friday and the end of November, that unfortunately means there’s only one month left for KXNG CROOKED with his current weekly series, The Weeklys.  The Long Beach emcee sounding sharper and sharper each new week.  But his newest, Listen Boy, a Dizz-produced flip of the Westcoast classic Deep Cover from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg for Week #48 is easily one of his best yet for the year and finds him doing a 187 kill to the classic instrumental.  Crook once again showing why he is not only the best emcee and lyricists alive, but one of the best of all-time with such quotables as, “Listen boy.  Clean out your ears just to hear it right.  ‘Cause some priceless advice, you will never hear twice.  You a immigrant? Teach your children never go near ICE.  You a black kid? Always remember Tamir Rice!”  As well as, “Listen boy.  The word beef I know what it means.  You can die right now over some low-budget schemes.  You can get your hand cut off over gold nugget rings.  Like the eyes of a serpent I seen cold-blooded things.”  Just further proving it yet again.

Also as a bonus, Crooked is already with plan in place for what he’s doing after The Weeklys are over.  As he’s set to release his highly-anticipated next album, Gravitas.  A collaboration between him and Wu-Tang Clan affiliated producer, Bronze Nazareth, which is set to drop two weeks from today on Dec. 13th and the duo released the very soulfully dope and amazing latest single, Soul Drenched, a couple of days ago.  Crook giving one of his most emotional and personal performances on the new record, which also features scratches from DJ Los on the outro to give it that real true Hip-Hop feel.