Young Dirty Bastard Commemorates Late Father, In New Video For Energetic Bar-filled Debut Single, Bar Sun

When you have such a legendary and iconic father as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, it can be difficult to step right into the music scene as an artist and especially such a competitive field and genre as Hip-Hop.  Such is the case for the oldest son of the late great ODB, Young Dirty Bastard, who after years of mentorship from his father’s iconic living legend group, Wu-Tang Clan (who has at times stepped into his father’s place to perform with) and his Uncle, RZA, has finally stepped out into his own with his debut single, Bar Sun.  Released yesterday to help celebrate the recent 15-year anniversary of his late father’s passing on Wednesday, Nov. 13th and what would’ve been his 51st birthday yesterday, Friday, Nov. 15th.  The new Lordz of Brooklyn-produced single from YDB, finds him paying homage to the life and legacy of his father, while also showing with his own impactful and energetic flow and streetwise lyrics that he can live up to the great legacy of his iconic father, ODB.

Named after his actual birth name, Barsun, it’s only right the lyrics reflect his great, yet still at times struggling upbringing in Brooklyn.  That shows through his mentorship from some of the greats, he is also able to carve his own lane to build his own legacy that’s true to the core essence of real true Hip-Hop with his streetwise great production and streetwise bar-filled lyrics/bars.  Which you can also see in the just as true to the essence of Hip-Hop accompanying Jeff Pliskin-directed video for the record that was shot in Brooklyn.  It finds Young Dirty Bastard performing the new single in front of his father’s mural in Brooklyn of his first solo album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, and other spots around BK.  Both the single and video, which was released through Raised Fist Records, shows that he has a very bright future that will make his father and plenty others proud of how far he has not only come, but still going.