KXNG CROOKED Is The D.O.C. (Da Only Crook), On Newest Weekly

As we inch even closer to the end of the year and decade, KXNG CROOKED, continues his weekly assault of any and every instrumental he touches.  This time taking on a Dizz-produced flip of The D.O.C. classic, It’s Funky Enough, for Week #46 of The Weeklys.  Appropriately titled, D.O.C. (Da Only Crook), finds Crook once again giving such clever lyrics and wordplay.  Such as, “Crooked is one a kind, comin’ for mine.  Jump in a line, I’m dumpin’ a Nine.  My syllable flow is like Pun in his prime.  Hustle and grind, come up and shine.  My trouble behind, recovered from wine.  Look at the calendar, I’m counting up all of my days.  I’m takin’ it one at a time (Yeah).  I was sick doin’ these Weeklys.  Still got them shits off.  Blowin’ rappers clothes backwards, put ’em in a criss-cross.  Medallion large enough to crucify you, that’s a big cross.”  That makes you get the stink face after listening and show once again why Crook is arguably not only the best emcee and lyricists alive, but among the best of all-time.