Jhené Aiko Debuts New Video/Single, None Of Your Concern ft. Big Sean

Jhené Aiko has always been an artist to really use her songwriting and artistry to let all of her feelings of what she’s going through at the time out and as her own personal therapy.  Which is why her music is always so amazing and great because of how much of us can relate to it.  Such is the case yet again with her just as therapeutic new single, None of Your Concern.  That finds Jhené collaborating with her one time former boyfriend and fellow TWENTY88 groupmate, Big Sean.  Also debuting along with the single today through Vevo, the just as therapeutic and amazing accompanying new video for the record that finds both Ms. Aiko and Sean putting all their issues on front street.  As Jhené goes through the therapeutic motions wandering through a beach house, sitting in a tub and taking in the peaceful nature of a forest in what appears to be Hawaii or some other tropical island, while singing the therapeutic lyrics throughout the new visual.

Though they broke up over a year ago and many thought her previous single released earlier this year, Triggered (Freestyle), was about Sean, the two have still remained friends and continue to collaborate.  Both artists readying their first albums since 2017.  With this new single expected to be on Jhené’s upcoming highly-anticipated third solo album tentatively titled, Chilombo, which more details should be coming out about in the upcoming next few weeks.  While their previous collaboration Sean’s, Single Again, is expected to be on his upcoming, also sure to be highly-anticipated next solo album, Don Life.