Wu-Tang Clan Legacy Continues With 2nd Generation WU, Debut Single, 7.0.D

Continuing in the footsteps of the legacy of their legendary fathers, the sons of Wu-Tang Clan members, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, the late great Ol’Dirty Bastard and U-God; PXWER, Sun God, Young Dirty Bastard and iNTeLL, have formed their own group, 2nd Generation WU.  With a partial sample of the iconic and classic single, C.R.E.A.M., from their fathers group, they show they know the history and legacy of Wu-Tang being, “For the children!”  While also showing they can hold their own on their J-GLAZE-produced debut single, 7.0.D, which shows their swords are lyrically sharp and ready to make their fathers proud, while also carrying on the Wu-Tang legacy for a newer generation.  That also shows Wu-Tang truly is forever!  The single along with the debut album that’s likely to drop sometime next year being released through Dock Street Records.  Which is located in Staten Island, where most of Wu-Tang Clan grew up and originated from.  You can get familiar with the group and see if they truly can live up to their legendary and iconic fathers legacies, while also building and maintaining their own.  With more new updates to come on the group in the coming weeks and months, as well as even hopefully many more years to come.