KXNG CROOKED Reflects Down Memory Lane On Newest Weekly, Bo Jackson II

With only seven more of, The Weeklys, left after yesterday’s latest edition of the current weekly series from KXNG CROOKED.  The Long Beach emcee over the Dizz-produced flip of the DJ Premier-produced Nas classic, Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park), finds Crook taking a trip down memory lane about the first weekly series he started over a decade ago.  As on Week #45 of The Weeklys, Bo Jackson II, he reflects on how his current weekly series and the original weekly series both helped be a huge part in pioneering how far Hip-Hop has come in embracing the internet and giving people like him more longevity in their careers to do even more than they ever would’ve thought.  With bars such as, “Murdered the whole year.  I ain’t shedding no tears.  Got Sirius Satellite playing my acapella.  What the fvck is going on here?  Rappers on the West get ghost that’s why the coast clear.  Packing me a hammer for breakfast I keep the toast near.  King Zulu writing scriptures on Hulu.  Piercing your heart with a gold spear.” As while as lyrics and lines such as, “Been a king since the Sphinx got his nose clapped.  I know the science, I know the Blueprint’s, the Book of Ryan.  I know I dropped a couple classics.  I know you n***as lying.  I drop and you favorite rapper text me them n***as lose it.  They don’t hear views and streams.  They hear music.”  Just a few examples of showing it and how that even despite the naysayers saying he doesn’t, that he does have classics too.  Which he goes into more detail on the outro.

Bo Jackson II (The Weeklys #45) by KXNG Crooked