KXNG CROOKED Gets Real Introspective On Newest Weekly, Yu Vs Yu

We have reached the final two months of the year and as we inch even closer to the end of the year and the current weekly series from KXNG CROOKED with, The Weeklys.  The Long Beach emcee let’s loose and gets very introspective over the Dizz-produced flip of an Xzibit classic, What U See Is What U Get.  For the appropriately titled, Yu vs Yu, that sees Crook showing his introspective side.  With such bars as, “Got writers block ’cause it’s problems every place you look.  Now you ain’t wrote a fucking word and you feeling like Zuckerberg.  ‘Cause you know you and your pen gon’ have to face your book.”  Yet again giving you bars that gives you that ugh or stink face from how nasty and dope they’re.  Crook giving them motivational and inspiring introspective bars that a lot of us can relate to and even really needed right now.