Sabrina Claudio Deals With, Rumors, In Futuristic New Video ft. ZAYN

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Sabrina Claudio, has been promoting her recent sophomore album, Truth Is, for the past few weeks and months, even before its release nearly a week and a half ago on October 4th.  Whether through new singles, music videos and her current headlining, Truth Is, mini-tour she’s still currently on.  While yesterday Claudio decided to revisit the album with the premiere of her new Brian Petchers-directed video for her ZAYN collaboration, Rumors.  The new visual for the very catchy record and latest single from the album that’s the only collaboration and only upbeat record on the album, finding the talented singer dealing with rumors in the futuristic new clip.  Which sees her in a pink bodysuit going through the motions of trying to maneuver through the limelight, as TV screens play rumors about her famous life and she also has a stand-up camera in a pink room capturing her every move in the dystopian future.  That also sees Claudio in a red leather jacket outfit with red lips and glamorous matching eyelashes and earrings, really helping bring the lyrics about rumors in the dystopian future for the record to life in a very brilliant way that you wouldn’t really think of, but really truly brings an already great and amazing collaboration to life.  That shows yet again why Sabrina is one of the most talented and promising not only upcoming R&B/Soul artists, but artists in music period right now.