KXNG CROOKED Switches Things Up, Asks, WTFIGOH, On Newest Weekly

As the calendar has flipped over to October and we have not even a full three months left in the year, KXNG CROOKED, doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Even as he switches things up on his newest edition of, The Weeklys, by going acapella instead of going over a Dizz-flipped production for Week 40 with, #WTFIGOH.

The Long Beach native shows once again why he’s not only one of the illest and arguably even greatest lyricists to ever come out the West.  But also why he’s currently the illest lyricists and emcee alive.  His potent bars hitting even harder when you hear them acapella, as he questions certain things going on.  With such lines as, “I did features with some of the biggest artists and buried them in the soils mud, my sword is stained with royal blood.”  Also, “At 19 I was rhyming with Kurupt, I had to step up.  That enhanced me.  Ever since than my peers never kept up, Suge advanced me.  Said I was the best on the West since Pac rapping, nasty.”