KXNG CROOKED Drops Plenty Of Killer Bars, 2Nite, On Newest Weekly

As we get closer to the end of September and the final two months of KXNG CROOKED’s end of his 2019 weekly series, The Weeklys, he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Continuing to murder any and every instrumental he touches.

The Long Beach emcee dropping plenty of killer bars for his Dizz-produced flip of DJ Quik’s classic, 2Nite for Week 39 of The Weeklys.  Crook spitting such clever dope bars and metaphors as, “The insides blacker than the Israelites.  Crooked is Biggie like with the s**t he writes.”  Also, “You can’t play with a bosses cards.  I made it off the bars, David off cigars.  Spit for n***as who never made it off the yard.  Still calling shots though, paying off the guards.  Cause snitches is out here hitting more notes than an opera singer.  That’s why my gun stay pointing like Tekashi finger.”

Once again proving why Crook is not only the illest emcee alive right now, but easily one of the best and illest emcees ever period.