Alina Baraz Gifts Fans On B-Day With Heavenly Ethereal & Beautiful New Video/Single, To Me

Alina Baraz is by far one of the most standout voices and talents of the current great rising crop of great R&B/Soul singers/songwriters that has emerged over the past several years.  Her heavenly angelic ethereal divine voice and vocals one of pure beauty that mesmerizes and soothes your soul everytime you listen.

So relaxing and beautifully divine, her beautifully angelic vocals to go with her just as beautifully amazing melodies takes you to another space and time whenever you listen.  That shows what a truly great and amazing one of a kind artist she truly is with how much of us can relate.  Such is the case with Baraz’s very heavenly ethereal and beautiful new single, To Me, which she premiered along with a just as heavenly ethereal and beautiful accompanying new video earlier today.

The amazing new record and video also making the very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, the latest artist to deliver and gift their fans and supporters a gift of great new music on their birthday rather than expecting gifts from others.  You gotta love how Alina included some stellar old anime clips along with her own personal clips of great and amazing moments that have happened so far in her already beautiful and blessed life.  That really truly brings the record to life and show what a truly great and beautiful human she’s, both inside and out to share so much of her with us, not only on her birthday and a day that’s supposed to be meant for her, but she continues to with her music and journey throughout her career so far.

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