Sabrina Claudio Gifts Fans On Her B-Day With Beautifully Intimate & Sensually Vulnerable New Single, Truth Is

Truth is, Sabrina Claudio is easily one of the most talented singers and songwriters in all of music right now.  You can feel the vulnerability and all the emotions she pours out whenever she drops new music.

So it should be no surprise that today on her 23rd birthday, Claudio decides to gift fans with one of her most vulnerably beautiful, emotional and sensually amazing records to date.  Appropriately titled, Truth Is, the title track from her upcoming highly-anticipated sophomore album, which is set to drop on Oct. 4th, finds her pouring all her vulnerable emotions out.  As she sings the very beautifully sensual and intimately vulnerable lyrics about trying to let go of a love she truthfully can’t let go of.

The hurt, emotion and pain you can hear in Claudio’s very beautifully angelic and sensual vocals over the acoustic guitar backdrop perfect for doing so.  Even possibly moving you to tears with how much so many of us, male or female, can relate to this very emotionally beautiful and vulnerably intimate new ballad. Further proving why she’s among mine and so many others top artists at the moment period and her album is so anticipated.  The beautifully sensual vulnerable intimacy you can not only feel in the record, but see in this aesthetically beautiful lyric video that shows what a true one of a kind talent and singer/songwriter, but true one of a kind pure beauty and artist she’s too.