Redman Hits On Controversial Topic In New Video/Single, Black Man In America ft. Pressure

Redman has been killing mics for nearly 30 years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Nearly a month after dropping his latest single, 1990 Now, off his long-delayed and very highly-anticipated new solo album, Muddy Waters Too.  Reggie Noble returns with his latest new single, Black Man In America featuring Pressure.  Appropriately debuted on Friday the 13th, the controversial sure to be much talked about new self-directed video for the just as sure to be controversial and talked about new record finds Redman tackling a subject most emcees are afraid to.  Showing he isn’t afraid to use his voice to speak up about issues him and so many other emcees faced growing up and still do.  That’s what Hip-Hop originated for, to be a voice for those in the struggle or who needed to touch on subjects so many others were afraid to, controversial or not.