Bridget Kelly Is Looking For, The Great Escape, In New Short Film

Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Bridget Kelly, recently released her latest soulfully dope new project, The Great Escape, just last month.  If you thought she was done with promotion for the project, you were wrong.

As today Bridget releases an accompanying short film of the same name.  That stars the talented singer and Scott Machado as the leading man, the film tells a short, yet relatable story of a woman meeting a man, them hooking up and some fvck s**t going on that makes her want to escape it all.

Directed by Joshua “Lucky” Peters, the EP serves as a soundtrack to tell the story in a short almost five minutes film.  That has a pretty great concept and great idea, but should’ve been at least 8-10 minutes instead of trying to fit all of the records into that short amount of time.  Especially if somebody hasn’t already listened to the EP, they will get confused and think it’s all the songs trying to be jammed into one music video rather than a short film.

It isn’t a bad component to an add to an already dope EP that also shows how much Bridget appreciates and is a lover of love, but could’ve been done much better for being a short film.  The ideas and concept are there like I said, but should’ve been longer instead of trying to fit nearly 16 minutes into not even a full five minutes.  Something that BK can learn from and take as honest feedback to improve on from an honest fan and fellow creative, the next time she does another short film.