New Artist Spotlight – Mikhala Jené with Thou Shall Move On

We are back.  A little longer hiatus since we did our last new artist spotlight.  Dating back to the beginning of May with rising great upcoming emcee, Kota the Friend.  Today me and the rest of the team here at TheHipHopDemocrat have decided to bring back again our always very popular New Artist Spotlight for a fourth time here in 2019.  This time highlighting one of R&B/Soul’s greatest young rising singers and songwriters, in Carolina-bred, Mikhala Jené.

Someone who has flown under the radar and I only found out about after seeing her open for Dreamville Records Ari Lennox at the House of Blues Chicago here back in June, right before my birthday.  Giving a very soulfully scene stealing opening set that Sunday night, Jené was definitely put on my radar and made a new fan of me and many others here in Chicago.

While after listening to her very heartfelt and soulfully smooth new guitar-laden Deputy-produced single, Thou Shall Move On.  Which she premiered yesterday through Vevo the very beautifully amazing accompanying Oliver Shore-directed video, we decided to highlight Jené as one of the few R&B/Soul artists for our New Artist Spotlight feature.  She’s definitely a very talented new artist that should definitely be on your radar and if she wasn’t before, should definitely be after you watch/hear this very amazing new single.  Her very soulfully sweet heavenly beautiful voice and vocals really on display on this beautifully amazing record that has that classic timeless old-school very heartfelt feel and emotions, all of the legendary R&B/Soul singers like Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and so many others would pour into all of their music.

Jené is not only a great singer and songwriter as displayed on this record, but really knows how to put beautiful accompanying visuals together as well too.  As we can see from this new visual.  Not to mention she’s a very great performer as well.  Jené has shown with her great talent that has seen her put out a really solid EP in, Carolina Blues, last year and opening up for Ari Lennox earlier this year that she has a very bright future where will not only hear a lot more from her the rest of this year, but for many more years to come.  Remember you heard it here first, but she has the talent, voice and work ethic to go with such greats humbleness that will make Jené a legend and possibly even iconic artist we will hear and see about for years to come.  This is only just the beginning and I can’t wait to hear plenty more from this very sweet and soulfully heartfelt voice.