KXNG CROOKED Delivers The God Bars & Flow, On Newest Weekly, Dear God

As we get closer to the three quarter mark of the year, KXNG CROOKED, continues his weekly assault of various instrumentals.  This time as we reach Week 35 of The Weeklys, with, Dear God, the Long Beach emcee takes on a Dizz-produced slowed down flip of Jay-Z’s classic, D’Evils.

The new track showing how ahead of other emces, Crook is both lyrically and skills wise, with the God bars and flow.  As he tells dark street tales with the god flow of such standout lyrics as, “Brothers killing brothers, I see fratricide.  Some of my school buddies murdered, my favorite rappers died.  When your homies betray you, the pain is amplified.  Like getting stabbed in the back, but by a Samurai.”