KXNG CROOKED Brings Lyrical Prowess To, Chandelier, On Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED continues his weekly barrage of various instrumentals with his newest edition of, The Weeklys.  Though not as hard and lyrically insane as he went on the last two weeklys in light of the ridiculous Top 50 Rappers list that went viral, he still brings his lyrical prowess for Week 34.

This week slowing things down a little with the Dizz-produced flip of Scarface, Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel’s timeless classic, Guess Who’s Back, for, Chandelier.  The Long Beach emcee shows he’s still lyrically greater than most emcees even when he doesn’t go all out to prove himself and his versatility to still do bar heavy tracks on more chill laidback instrumentals.

With such standout bars as, “Me I depend on the sickest spittin’.  Who really want it?  Skills helping on its loss, I lean on bars like an alcoholic nodding off, while imposters are falling off.”  As well as, “Lies fill the air with drama.  It’s not about Kaepernick and Jay, it’s about Eric Gardner.  It’s about police in Americana killing Tamir Rice, but capturing Jeffrey Dahmer alive.  That’s on my momma but I’ma fall back cuz most don’t give a damn.”